Spectrum USB keyboard

Brought an Arduino Leonardo a week back with thoughts of making USB Spectrum (then fitting Raspberry pi).  Had been looking for non-fixable broken rubber key spectrum to use as USB keyboard for a year or so, but kept fixing broken ones (ok only 3 but now I have 4 working and no donors).

Various articles on using Spectrum keyboard to create a USB keyboard so I’ll link to those whilst doing this.  Here is the main one : http://www.instructables.com/id/Convert-a-ZX82-Spectrum-keyboard-into-an-expandabl/?ALLSTEPS

Keyboard membrane connectors arrived today so I don’t need to butcher a working motherboard, or try and solder wires onto the keyboard membrane directly.

Here are the bits – the Arduino Leonardo and the 8 and 5 segment connectors.  Various resistors etc from bits and pieces drawers.


Atari 1040 STE bBlonde

Got this 1040 STe (4mb upgrade) a couple of years ago, very yellowed / discoloured.

st1 st2 st3

Stripped down and removed all keys, motherboard etc.  Keyboard in pieces.  Then outside on the table and painted case and keys with bBlonde peroxide hair gel



Continually through the next few hours, applied recoats and moved the table (base was on a chair) to follow the sun and rotated 180 degrees every 30 minutes or so to ensure all sides were equally sun soaked.  Wash off in the bath of the pieces and then back out for another hour.  Keys not completed (still yellow in places) so will need another go next sunny day.  Case and under keys element done.

st5 st6


Oric 1 repair – day one

OK, so had the Oric working fine, using scart adapter created on stripboard using schematic from here : Oric scart schematic , however after powering with 12v rather than 9v the ram chips appear to have blown, as per screen output and extremely hot ram chips (about 4 of them are suspect).

oricscreen oricpowerregulator

Step 1, replaced the power regulator in case this was faulty (checked with multimeter and was outputting about 4.7v – should be 5. Thermal compound.  Ground soldered under PCB, need to tack a little on the top here as well.  Testing – same RAM chips hot – 4.99V at the RAM though.  Regulator heat sink very hot.


Gamecube stripdown and clean plus new powersocket

Got two Gamecubes from ebay a few weeks ago for 10 including postage for the pair.  No power supplies or controllers.  Borrowed a power supply and both power on with video display (using snes composite cable).  One reads discs, the other (purple one) doesn’t.

Plan is to strip them both down starting with the purple one, good clean etc.  Change the power socket for a standard socket and possibly video out through rca sockets rather than the nintendo connector  Power socket the main priority – nintendo composite cables are cheap to get.